Adesogan, Adegbola T. – Evaluation of methods of enhancing the preservation and safety of animal feeds with microbial cultures and antifungal chemicals. Improving the digestion of animal feeds and hydrolysis of biomass with fibrolytic enzymes and chemicals. Using underexploited medicinal plants to improve animal growth, health and welfare


Arthington, John – Identify methods for quantifying stress in animals and evaluating nutritional managementv opportunities for decreasing the detrimental results of stress. Dietary copper and the acute phase response to inflammatory stress. Management systems that optimize stressful events such as vaccination, weaning, and transportation that avoid the nutrient drain associated with prolonged inflammatory distress.


Badinga, Lokenga - Our research mission is to investigate and develop an understanding of the basic cellular and molecular mechanisms by which dietary factors control digestive and metabolic processes in livestock, and to implement nutritional strategies which maximize the efficiency of feed utilization and provide healthy animal products for human consumption.

email: lbadinga@ufl.edu

Bobroff, Linda B – Extension education programs that address nutrition and health concerns including heart health, diabetes, cancer risk reduction, and weight management, as well as nutrition needs during pregnancy, in children and youth, and among older adults.

email: Bobroff@ufl.edu

Borum, Peggy R. – Carnitine metabolism; amino acid metabolism; fatty acid metabolism; nutrition assessment; nutrient needs of physiologically stressed individuals including preterm neonates and patients with HIV disease, ketogenic therapy for seizures and inborn errors of metabolism.

email: prb@ufl.edu

Clare-Salzler, Michael J. – Immunologic-genetic-environmental basis of autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, particularly type 1 diabetes; diagnostics that define disease risk and activity and interventions to prevent or reverse these diseases.

email: salzler@ufl.edu

Collins, James F. – Intestinal nutrient transport; molecular and cellular biology of iron and copper transporters; dietary and genetic models of iron and copper deficiency; nutrient control of gene transcription; microarray analysis of gene expression.

email: jfcollins@ufl.edu

James Forrest Collins, Ph.D.

Cousins, Robert J. – Nutritional genomics; molecular and cell biology of zinc metabolism and function; regulation of zinc transporter proteins by hormones and cytokines; gene knockout animal models; trace element status assessment technologies.

email: cousins@ufl.edu

Robert Cousins, Ph.D.

Dahl, Wendy J. – Fiber, prebiotics and quality of life/well-being and gastrointestinal health and disease; applications of fiber within medical nutrition therapies, development and sensory evaluation of foods fortified with isolated fiber sources and efficacy and effectiveness of functional fiber fortification.

email: wdahl@ufl.edu

Wendy Dahl, Ph.D.

Gregory, Jesse F. – Nutritional quality of foods; chemistry and nutritional properties of B vitamins; B vitamin bioavailability, metabolism, and metabolic function; applications of stable isotopes in nutrition research.

email: jfgy@ufl.edu

Hill, Richard C.– Gastrointestinal physiology; Colonic physiology; Clinical nutrition; Energy requirements; Nutrition of greyhounds; Antioxidants and vitamins

email: hillr@ufl.edu

No Picture Available

Kauwell, Gail P.A. – Human clinical nutrition research, including controlled feeding studies focusing on folate and vitamin B 12 requirements and status, with a special interest in learning more about the interrelationships among genetic variants of folate and vitamin B 12 related enzymes, folate/vitamin B 12 status and requirements, and risk for chronic diseases/conditions.

email: gkauwell@ufl.edu

Kilberg, Michael S. – Nutrient control of transcription for genes that are induced following amino acid deprivation or the ER stress pathway. Nutrient-responsive cis-acting genomic elements within those genes and the self-limiting program of transcriptional activation mediated by ATF4, ATF3 and C/EBPbeta.

email: mkilberg@ufl.edu

Knutson, Mitchell D. – Molecular and cell biology of iron metabolism; iron recycling by reticuloendothelial macrophages; regulation of iron metabolism; nutritional biochemistry.

email: mknutson@ufl.edu

Langkamp-Henken, Bobbi – Nutrient modulation of immune function in older adults; interactions among dietary zinc, prebiotics and systemic and mucosal immunity.

email: henken@ufl.edu

Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan – Dr. Leeuwenburgh's research focuses on free radical biology, inflammation, disease and aging. His group also investigates cellular phenomena, such as apoptosis (programmed cell death) that may be linked to mitochondrial aging.

email: cleeuwen@aging.ufl.edu

Mathews, Anne – evaluating the effects of various approaches to enhance the adoption of healthy lifestyle behaviors and to accurately and objectively assess the physiological outcomes of these behaviors contributes to this body of work. Her previous and current work targets populations that may most benefit from improvements in lifestyle, such as those with a history of cancer and type 2 diabetes. Her projects extend to the prevention of obesity as well with a specific focus on preschool and elementary-aged children.

email: anne.mathews@ufl.edu

Anne Mathews, Ph.D.

Mathews, Clayton – Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in Type 1 diabetes. Genetics of autoimmune diabetes.

email: clayton.mathews@pathology.ufl.edu

Clayton Mathews

Neu, Josef – Pediatric nutrition, role of glutamine in intestinal health and development.

email: neuj@peds.ufl.edu

Percival, Susan S. – Nutrition and Immunity; effects of botanicals, phytochemicals and trace elements on immune function. Antioxidant bioavailability and impact on immunity. Efficacy of dietary supplements in humans and mechanistic studies in animal and cell culture models.

email: percival@ufl.edu

Perri, Michael G. – Obesity and weight management.

email: mperri@phhp.ufl.edu

Rowland, Neil E. – Genetic and neurochemical controls of food intake in rats and mice, especially in relation to obesity. Behavioral economic analysis of how food demand is affected by price and the implications for body weight.

email: nrowland@ufl.edu

Shelnutt, Karla P. – Evaluating individual and environmental factors that affect eating and physical activity behaviors of young adults. Promoting healthy lifestyles with the ultimate goal of decreasing the risk of obesity

email: kpagan@ufl.edu

Sitren, Harry S. –Effects of various parenteral and enteral feeding techniques on adaption of gastrointestinal, liver and muscle tissues; nutrient manipulations affecting cancer growth.

email: sitren@ufl.edu

Vidyasagar, Sadasivan –Identifying electrolyte and nutrient transport alterations in the small bowel during disease conditions, including acute and chronic diarrhea and radiation-induced and chemotherapy-induced gastrointestinal (GI) toxicity.

email: vidyasagar@ufl.edu

Vulpe,Christopher –Iron deficiency; copper and iron interactions; ferroxidases in iron transport; genetics of iron homeostasis; genetic variation in iron metabolism; functional genomics; CRISPR functional screening; iron in neurodegenerative diseases.

email: cvulpe@ufl.edu

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