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Unlock the Science of Nutrition at the University of Florida Introduction

The field of nutritional science has unprecedented public interest. This is fostered by evolving links between diet and health, and the impact of one’s individual genetic makeup on nutrient utilization. The PhD degree program in Nutritional Sciences is interdisciplinary, with participating CALS, COM, CLAS, and CVM faculty directing research of doctoral students, where the full spectrum of Nutritional Sciences is available. Students are admitted to the program after the Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in nutritional sciences or a related field. Emphasis areas include basic nutritional sciences, biochemistry and molecular biology, genetics, immunology, physiology, and biostatistics.


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Adesogan, Adegbola - Animal Sciences
Arthington, John – Animal Sciences
Badinga, Lokenga – Animal Sciences
Bobroff, Linda – Family, Youth and Community Sciences
Borum, Peggy – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Collins, James - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Clare-Salzler, Michael – Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine
Collins, James F. - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Cousins, Robert – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dahl, Wendy - Food Science and Human Nutrution
Gregory, Jesse – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Hill, Richard – Small Animal Clinical Sciences
Kauwell, Gail – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Kilberg, Michael – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Knutson, Mitchell – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Langkamp-Henken, Bobbi – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Leeuwenburgh, Christiaan – Aging and Geriatric Research
Mathews, Anne - Food Science and Human Nutrition
Mathews, Clayton – Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine
Percival, Susan – Food Science and Human Nutrition
Perri, Michael – Clinical and Health Psychology
Rowland, Neil – Psychology
Shelnutt, Karla P. - Food Science and Human Nutrition/Family, Youth & Community Sciences Sitren, Harry – Food Science and Human Nutrition

See Faculty for details


A curriculum is arranged based on student interest and goals.

Required Core Courses:

Catalog # Course Title Credits
BCH 6206 Advanced Metabolism 3
HUN 6938 Nutritional Sciences Colloqium 1 each year; max 4
STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research 3
  Advanced Nutritional Sciences Courses
See Course Options Below

Examples of Advanced Nutritional Sciences Courses:

Catalog # Course Title Credits
HUN 5246 Current Issues in Dietary Supplements 2
HUN 5441 Metabolic Response to Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition 2
HUN 5447 Nutrition and Immunity 3
HUN 6245 Advanced Human Nutrition 3
HUN 6301 Nutritional Aspects of Lipid Metabolism 3
HUN 6305 Nutritional Aspects of Carbohydrates 3
HUN 6321 Proteins and Amino Acids in Nutrition 4
HUN 6331 Vitamins in Human Nutrition or 3
ANS 6449 Vitamins 3
HUN 6356 Minerals in Nutrition or 3
ANS 6723 Mineral Nutrition and Metabolism 3
HUN 6812C Analytical Techniques in Nutritional Biochemistry 1
HUN 6939 Advanced Clinical Nutrition 2

Examples of Elective Courses :

The breadth of graduate academic programs at the University of Florida allows Nutritional Sciences doctoral students the opportunity to focus their didactic programs with elective courses.

Catalog # Course Title Credits
ANG 5467 Culture and Nutrition 3
ANS 6458 Advanced Methods in Nutrition Technology 3
ANS 6717 Energy Metabolism 3
ANS 6718 Nutritional Physiology of Domestic Animals 3
ANS 6767 Molecular Endocrinology 3
APK 7117 Exercise Metabolism 3
BCH 5413 Mammalian Molecular Biology and Genetics 3
CAP 5510 Bioinformatics 3
CHM 6670 Inorganic Biochemistry 3
GEY 6646 Issues and Concepts in Gerontology 3
GMS 6011 Mouse Genetics 1
GMS 6012 Human Genetics 1
GMS 6140 Principles of Immunology 3
GMS 6400C Principles of Physiology 6
GMS 6403 Advanced Endocrinology 4
GMS 6800 Fundamentals of Epidemiology 3
GMS 7003 Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research 1
HSC 6507 Epidemiology 3
VME 5244 Physiology: Organ Systems 4
VME 6602 General Toxicology 3

Detailed descriptions of these graduate level courses can be found at

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